Aka me. Obviously the best person. So yeah this is basically my lyfe.

I fell down this big-ass mountain as a kid, right? Right. So I was lying half dead on the ground, when this freakin' goat came out of nowhere and made goat noises said hello nicely. I wanted to scream said hello back. He was all like "Yo, the name's Dreemurr. ASRIEL DREEMURR" and so I was like "Yo, nice to meet ya Asriel, my name is Chara."

Lil' goat bro took me to mama and papa goat who were, like, the king and queen or some crap like that. Naturally, I cried smiled at them. But inside I was so scared they were going to eat me or something they were hella ugly elated to find a happy family in such a dark place.

Everyone in hell The Underground was happy as ever, man. I was so excited to become their destroyer savior. So, like, one day Goatbro and I was making Ass-gore some great cake, but I decided to brutally murder him mix the butter with some yellow flowers. It was going to be so funny. Anyway, the stupid goat got sick and Goatbro cried.

This gave me an idea, I cud totally poison myself and gain control of all humanity fulfill my dreams of being the monsters savior. So one day, I get sick and my last wish is for Goatbro to steal my soul and kill everyone avenge me peacefully. The stupid fool nnnice guy did and Asriel became the God of Hyperdeath or something like that, I don't know I was dead and not really paying attention.

We break the barrier and walk to my hometown. It was there that I wanted to kill everyone in sight die peacefully in the presence of some yellow flowers.

Now, all these stupid-ass nnnnice humans come and try to kill goatbro. Now, I was not having ANY of that so I am like "Bruh, use full power." But Asriel is like "Wtf bish nu." Long story short we both DIED.

Okay so now we are both DED. All 'cause some crybaby couldn't keep to him word.

all becuz some goat baby cant stand a bit of juice

And that is my lyfe story.