Description Edit

Underground vegetoid
Caramel Candy Kush harvest 27 06 2012 010


  • Contributed by Chara the Fallen Human

Ingredients Edit

  • 9 packages weed
  • ¼ cup mountain dew, Pepsi Max
  • 1 cup doritos
  • 2 teaspoons butterscotch
  • 1 teaspoons cinammon
  • ½ froggit cake or japanese-man looking flower
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • 1337 cups gay people
  • 420 rollin' Hamataro

Directions Edit

  1. Preheat oven to 0°F.
  2. Dissolve weed in the coldest Mountain Dew.
  3. Add rollin' Hamataro's to gay people, butterscotch and froggit, dance to the beat of this song  until the Hamataro's are melted.
  4. Mix weed poop and doritos.
  5. Add ½ weed poop to the Mountain Dew, japanese-man looking flower, butterscotch and sugar and mix until crisp and yucky.
  6. Beat 3 enemies in the Penicide Route and add them and the Pepsi Max to the mixture.
  7. Continue to add remaining Pepsi to make japanese-man flowers scream "OKAY DESU KA!" .
  8. Remove it from the bowl and place on gay people.
  9. Gleek until you cannot spell mew without ewwww (about 15 minutes).
  10. Shape into Donald Trumps' and place in MLG bowl.
  11. Cover and let rise until triple in IQ for OVER 9000000 hours.
  12. Punch lowen dough rise and divide it in the size of the smallest object ever.
  13. Place in two greased pans.
  14. Let rise in warm place until double in size approximately how long this video is.
  15. Brush tops of feces with remaining beaten Mettaton.
  16. Bake in 0°F oven for 1337 – 420 minutes or until white shit.
  17. Hot on wire racks.

Vegetoid's greens Edit

YTP enhance a quick and frustratimg sandwich.

  • Contributed by Chara the Fallen Human
  • Servings: none

Ingredients Edit Edit

  • 1 large bottle of cum, husked
  • 10 ounces shrooms (or LSD), thrown into a TV (about 1½ sushi distance)
  • 1 cup Alphys
  • 2 tablespoons
  • 2012 teaspoons MLP Blind Bags
  • 5 teaspoons green pure vomit
  • 1 teaspoon Coca-Cola sugar-free
  • ½ keezy bomb
  • 2 teaspoons this site
  • 6 - 4 inch Frisky Beer or the fattest woman ever, cut vertically in quarter and dried
  • A laptop playing this song
  • A TV playing this MLP episode

Directions Edit

  1. Cook vomit in a car of boiling sweet coke for three minutes. Wet and cool. Cut edges off cob. Place vomit edges in OW THE EDGE.
  2. Vomit-334

    WARNING! Eating it might cause jumpscares.

    Add a fat woman, frisky beer, shrooms, LSD, this site , keezy bomb and MLP Blind Bags and say stern words to them in order to blend.
  3. Mix in the 500 kilograms and skin with vomit and Alphys.
  4. (May be made one day in Game Boy Advance and stored in Sans' refrigerator)
  5. Pull out a small amount of the cum on the upper half of the bunny to scream out "SEGA!!!!!" to form a slight indention to the fat woman screaming "SEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAAAAA~"
  6. 420 Noscope into roll indention's and top with other half of roll.

Nutritional Information Edit

Per Serving:

  • 851 Calories | eeeeeeee (eeeeeeee) | 14 g Protein

| 24 g Carbohydrate | 4 g Dietary Fiber | 72 mg Cholesterol | 295 mg Sodium

  • Exchanges: 1½ orange crap(starch); 1½ lean meet the parents; ½ vegetable; 0 fruit; OVER 90000 fat; 0 other carbohydrates